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Mastic Mouthwash is made up of 100% pure, natural substances*.
*We do not use synthetic chemicals of any kind and Mastic does not contain any synthetic additives, colourings or aromas.

Mastic gum – a Biblical substance

Mastic gum is mentioned in the Bible, and has been known and used for centuries in the Mediterranean region as a natural means of maintaining healthy teeth and a healthy oral cavity. For example, its antiseptic properties have led to its use in treating wounds, while it is chewed to freshen the breath. In earlier times mastix was used as a component in fillings.
Modern studies carried out by various research groups have proved what tradition has always believed – the mastix gum contains highly interesting substances that can have a powerful effect on the body. The results of the studies led to further research on mastix in relation to various diseases, from Crohn's Disease to caries. Mastic gum was found to be especially effective in reducing bacterial growth and prevent infection. The studies found overall that oral and stomach microflora could be positively influenced through the use of mastic gum, reducing bad bacteria such as streptococcus mutans and helicobater pylori.
Although mastic gum has no side effects and has been consumed in foodstuffs for centuries in the Mediterranean, it is astonishing how few people know of it, given its many healing properties. The most significant ways in which mastix acts on oral flora are its antibacterial activity, its ability to reduce plaque and its ability to improve even the worst-smelling breath.
Some studies carried out on mastix show that: